9 B2B Marketing Trends to Follow for Success in 2024

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By Intelligent Relations Team

B2B marketing is constantly evolving with new technologies and industry demands. Staying updated on the latest B2B marketing trends is an absolute necessity if you want to be competitive. 

That’s because B2B marketing presents a unique set of challenges. Moreover, the digital transformation of B2B commerce has intensified competition. It has also increased the demand for cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies. 

To get ahead in B2B marketing, you’ll need a keen understanding of industry dynamics. You’ll also need to commit to building lasting customer and professional relationships.

If you’re relying on outdated B2B marketing strategies, you could miss opportunities to reach your target audience. This may result in wasted resources and disengaged customers.

The good news is that we’ve outlined the top 9 B2B marketing trends for you. These trends can help you stay updated on what’s happening in the B2B marketing world. Plus, it can give you inspiration on how to improve your marketing efforts. 

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Our Top 2024 B2B Marketing Trends

  • PR – Owned and Earned Media 
  • Thought Leadership on LinkedIn
  • B2B Podcasts Appearances
  • LinkedIn Social Media Marketing
  • Personalized B2B Content Creation
  • Video Marketing
  • Automation Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

1. PR – Owned and Earned Media

Public Relations (PR) has long been a cornerstone of effective marketing. Its role as one of the top B2B marketing trends continues to evolve in 2024. 

PR includes both owned and earned media. Owned media consists of content generated and controlled by you. This includes blogs, press releases, whitepapers, and website content. Earned media comprises mentions, reviews, and coverage earned through external sources such as media outlets or influencers.

The integration of these two forms of media is crucial for B2B marketing success. You can strategically combine owned and earned media to shape your narrative, boost brand credibility, and establish thought leadership.

Here are a few reasons why PR is one of the leading B2B marketing trends:

  • Enhanced Credibility: Combining owned and earned media helps you build trust and credibility within your industry. Positive external endorsements combined with well-crafted content demonstrate authority and expertise.
  • Broader Audience Reach: Owned media allows you to proactively reach your target audience. Earned media can introduce your brand to new and wider audiences.
  • Brand Control: By creating and sharing your content, you maintain control over your messaging and brand image. This can help shape the narrative to align with your goals and values.

Pro Tip: To effectively combine owned and earned media, proactively build relationships with journalists and industry influencers. Engage with them through social media, contribute bylines, and offer insights or expert commentary.

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2. Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

Establishing thought leadership involves showcasing your expertise and authority within your industry. It involves consistently sharing valuable insights, trends, and knowledge. 

How impactful is thought leadership as one of the top B2B marketing trends? According to a study involving about 3,600 management-level professionals, 71% said that thought leadership content provided valuable insight.

To leverage this trend effectively, you should focus on creating and sharing informative, industry-specific content. This can include articles, social media posts, videos, and whitepapers. 

Consider sharing or creating content specifically for LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers a powerful platform for B2B professionals to connect with their peers, clients, and prospects. Engaging with your network through comments and discussions can further solidify your position as a thought leader in your field.

Here are a few compelling reasons why thought leadership is among the current B2B marketing trends:

  • Established Authority: Building thought leadership, especially on LinkedIn, can position you as an authority. Sharing valuable insights and expertise showcases credibility.
  • Networking Opportunities: LinkedIn provides a platform for connecting with industry peers, potential clients, and partners. Thought leaders can use it to expand their professional network and foster valuable relationships.
  • Lead Generation: Thought leadership content on LinkedIn can attract leads who resonate with your insights. That offers an opportunity to nurture leads and convert them into clients or customers.

Pro Tip: To establish thought leadership on LinkedIn, maintain a consistent posting schedule. Share valuable insights, articles, or updates regularly. Engage with comments and discussions on your posts to foster meaningful connections and reinforce your position as a thought leader.

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3. B2B Podcast Appearances

Podcasts have experienced significant growth in recent years. This makes them an effective tool for B2B marketers and one of the top B2B marketing trends for 2024.

These audio shows provide an avenue for you to share insights and expertise and to engage with your audience. 

In a world where multitasking is the norm, podcasts enable B2B listeners to consume valuable content while on the go.

The key to successful B2B podcasting lies in niche relevance and consistency. Selecting podcasts within your niche and tailoring your pitches and content to a specific industry or segment allows for a more dedicated following. Furthermore, appearing on regular, high-quality episodes is crucial to building a loyal listenership. 

What else makes podcasts one of the top 2024 B2B marketing trends? Consider these reasons:

  • Convenient Consumption: Podcasts cater to on-the-go audiences who can listen to content during commutes, workouts, or other activities. This convenience makes it easier to reach a broader, busy audience.
  • Deeper Engagement: Podcasts offer an intimate, long-form format. This allows for in-depth discussions and exploration of topics.
  • Authority Building: Hosting a podcast can establish you as an industry authority. Appearing on a podcast can also enhance credibility and broaden your brand base.

Pro Tip: Authenticity matters when it comes to podcast appearances. The best way to achieve authenticity is to select podcasts that are relevant and appealing to your niche. Instead of appearing on the best podcasts, aim for appearing on the podcasts that are best for you. 

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4. LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

One of the standout B2B marketing trends is the increasing importance of LinkedIn as a lead generation platform. LinkedIn has evolved from a networking tool into a dynamic platform for connecting with potential clients and nurturing leads.

The average person spends 151 minutes per day on social media. Plus, the number of social media users worldwide has grown by 3% from 2022 to 2023. 

How can you incorporate LinkedIn into your social media strategy?

Well, it involves much more than just maintaining a polished profile. It extends to active engagement through sharing valuable content. It also involves participating in relevant groups and using advanced targeting capabilities for ad campaigns. 

With the right strategy, social media platforms like LinkedIn can be a treasure trove for B2B lead generation.

Here’s what places social media and LinkedIn among the new B2B marketing trends:

  • Precise Targeting: Lead generation features enable you to target your ideal B2B audience precisely. This ensures that your marketing efforts reach the most relevant prospects.
  • High-quality Leads: Platforms such as LinkedIn often attract professionals looking for business solutions. This makes it a prime platform for generating high-quality B2B leads.
  • Engagement and Visibility: Regular engagement on LinkedIn, especially with thought leadership content, can boost brand visibility. It can also attract potential clients who seek industry expertise.

Pro Tip: Many platforms offer robust analytics for tracking your lead generation efforts, especially LinkedIn. Use these insights to monitor the performance of your campaigns, identify which content resonates with your target audience, and optimize your strategy accordingly.

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5. Personalized B2B Content Creation

Content marketing continues to be crucial for successful B2B marketing strategies. However, the integration of personalization is one of the latest B2B marketing trends. 

Why are content marketing and personalization so important? For starters, 89% of marketers see a positive return on investment (ROI) from their personalized marketing campaigns.

Personalization takes content marketing to the next level. Tailor your content by leveraging data and AI-driven insights into your industry, audience, and competitors. This will help you create a more engaging and memorable user experience. 

Here are a few more reasons why personalized content marketing remains one of the top B2B marketing trends:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Personalization tailors content to individual preferences. This creates a more engaging and relevant user experience.
  • Increased Conversions: By providing valuable, personalized content, you can nurture leads more effectively. This results in higher conversion rates and customer retention.
  • Increased ROI and Satisfaction: Personalized content plays a crucial role in retaining and upselling existing clients. You can deliver tailored content that addresses their evolving needs.

Pro Tip: When creating content for SEO and personalization, focus on understanding and catering to user intent. Address the questions and needs of your target audience. Craft content that directly aligns with their search queries.

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6. Video Marketing

B2B marketers are taking full advantage of video content as one of the top 2024 B2B marketing trends. Research shows that around 87% of B2B marketers currently make video part of their strategy. Why?

Because video marketing is proven to increase sales, brand awareness, understanding of products and services, traffic, and generation of quality leads. 

So, if you’re not doing it, you should be. But how?

It could be in the form of webinars, product demos, or explainer videos. Live streaming, in particular, has gained traction in B2B marketing. 

Video marketing offers a visually engaging way to convey complex information and build brand trust. Plus, platforms like Zoom, YouTube, and LinkedIn Live allow you to use video marketing to interact with your audience in real time.

Here are some other reasons why video is one of the key B2B marketing trends of 2024:

  • Engaging Content: Video content captures and retains audience attention more effectively than text or images, leading to higher engagement rates.
  • Storytelling Opportunities: Videos allow businesses to tell compelling stories, making it easier to convey complex information and connect with viewers emotionally.
  • Improved SEO: Video content can improve a website’s SEO rankings, increasing its visibility in search results and attracting more organic traffic.

Pro Tip: Video marketing provides an ideal platform for storytelling. Craft narratives that resonate with your audience. This can be a customer success story, a journey through your company’s values, or the evolution of a product. 

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7. Automation Marketing

Automation marketing is transforming the way B2B marketers operate. AI-driven tools enable you to streamline repetitive tasks, personalize content, and optimize marketing campaigns.

To include automation in your strategy, try using chatbots. These offer instant customer support and data collection, which enhances the user experience. You can also use predictive analytics to identify potential leads and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. 

What makes automation one of the new B2B marketing trends? Here are a few reasons why B2B marketers are leveraging it: 

  • Efficiency and Productivity: Automation and AI tools streamline marketing processes. This reduces manual tasks and improves overall efficiency.
  • Personalization at Scale: AI enables you to personalize marketing efforts for individual users or segments. This enhances user experiences and increases conversions.
  • Data-driven Decision Making: AI-driven analytics provide actionable insights. This enables you to make data-driven decisions for more effective marketing strategies.

Pro Tip: Automation and AI are most effective when you review and optimize. Dedicate time to analyze performance metrics, refine automated workflows, and adjust AI algorithms based on data. This ongoing refinement ensures your marketing efforts stay efficient and effective. Most tools now have built in AI and automation features. You can review inside these platforms.

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8. Influencer Marketing

Why is influencer marketing on our list of B2B marketing trends? Because influencer marketing is not limited to B2C industries. It has found its place in B2B as well. In fact, one report found that influencer marketing has been successful for about 86% of B2B brands


Influencers can vouch for your products or services. They can also provide valuable testimonials and endorsements.

However, the key to success in B2B influencer marketing lies in authenticity and relevance. Try partnering with industry experts or thought leaders who can amplify your brand’s reach and credibility. Ensure their audience matches your target demographic to maximize impact.

Want to know why influencer marketing is one of the most important B2B marketing trends? Here are a few other key reasons: 

  • Trust and Credibility: Influencers bring authenticity and credibility to a brand. Their recommendations are trusted by their dedicated followers.
  • Audience Expansion: Collaborating with influencers exposes you to a broader audience. You can reach potential customers who may not have been previously aware of your brand.
  • Diverse Content: Influencers can create diverse content formats that resonate with different segments of the target audience. This includes reviews, tutorials, and testimonials.

Pro Tip: When selecting influencers, prioritize alignment with your brand values over sheer reach or follower count. Authentic influencers who genuinely resonate with your brand are more likely to engage their audience authentically.

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9. Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability and corporate responsibility is one of the recurring B2B marketing trends gaining momentum across various industries. 

About 75% of B2B buyers increasingly seek out partners and suppliers that demonstrate a commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible practices.

Be sure to showcase your dedication to sustainability through your marketing efforts. This can include anything from green marketing campaigns to transparent supply chain reporting. This will attract more environmentally conscious clients.

  • Positive Brand Image: Embracing sustainability and corporate responsibility practices can enhance your reputation and image. This makes it more attractive to socially conscious consumers and partners.
  • Attracting Top Talent: Many professionals are seeking employment with socially responsible companies. This makes it easier to attract and retain top talent.
  • Mitigating Risk: Demonstrating commitment to responsible practices can help you mitigate risks associated with environmental regulations and social issues.

Pro Tip: Transparency is vital in demonstrating sustainability and corporate responsibility efforts. Regularly report on your initiatives, progress, and impact. Use clear and accessible communication channels. These can include sustainability reports or website updates.

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Key Takeaways on B2B Marketing Trends

B2B marketing trends are constantly changing due to shifts in technology and industry dynamics. To stay relevant, stay in the loop on the latest B2B marketing trends. Also, regularly reassess your marketing strategy and be prepared to pivot based on new insights and trends.

Data analytics play a crucial role in capitalizing on these B2B marketing trends. Use advanced analytics tools to interpret data on market trends and campaign performance. Then use these insights to segment your audience, personalize messaging, and optimize your marketing efforts.

Also, remember that B2B marketing trends often revolve around delivering exceptional customer experiences. Use content marketing to educate and engage your audience. It also helps to cultivate relationships with influencers, thought leaders, and other professionals in your industry. Follow these trends and you’re sure to see a boost in your marketing performance.  

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