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Top Fintech Journalists Roundup [2023 Update]

FinTech Journalists and Publications

Business Publications for PR in 2023

40 Top Business Publications for PR in 2023

Business innovation isn’t slowing down in 2023. New trends are here to stay and businesses are finding they must adapt to new developments to thrive. That’s why it’s important to s...

arizona woman

Top Arizona Newspapers and Outlets [2023 List]

Home to the Grand Canyon, Route 66, and large Indigenous, Hispanic, and Latinx populations, Arizona is known for its unique and picturesque landscapes and tourist destinations.  Boastin...


List of Top Milwaukee Newspaper and Media Outlets for PR [2023 Edition]

Milwaukee has plenty of things to offer. The Harley Davidson Museum, breweries and distilleries, Milwaukee County Zoo, and plenty of beautiful views, just to name a few. Many Milwaukee newsp...

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Top Marketing Journalists Roundup [2023]

The marketing industry is rapidly evolving as new data and software change the traditional underpinnings of this old industry and force marketing publications to adjust. Like many industries...

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