The Best Press Release Distribution Services for Tech Companies

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When it comes to media exposure, the tech industry is certainly competitive. Not only is the market heavily saturated with startups, but the fast-paced nature of news reporting means that your company or product really needs to stand out in order to get noticed. Press releases are your answer.

Have you thought about using a press release distribution service? These newswires can help tech companies like yours gain instant access to media players that matter. 

To get you started, we’ve put together this extensive guide to press release distribution services, alternative methods to get the most out of a press release, and answer questions like:

  • What is a tech press release distribution service? 
  • When should a tech press release be issued? 
  • Which is the best press release distribution service for tech? 
  • What are alternative methods for press release distribution?

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What is a tech press release distribution service?

A press release distribution service sends press releases about your company to a database of relevant journalists and media outlets. A tech press release distribution service, in particular, is specifically geared toward reporters and outlets covering relevant technology news. 

The aim of a tech press release distribution service is to distribute your news among relevant outlets that might then publish the news for readers and provide your announcement coverage. This helps with brand awareness and backlinks that can drive traffic to your website. 

Services like this are commonly referred to as “newswires,” and each platform does charge a fee for the services they provide. Sometimes this can even involve helping write your company’s press release, but generally includes distribution to their media contact database. 

When should a tech press release be issued? 

Press release distribution services share news with their databases daily. In order to have an impact, it’s important to be sure your press release is newsworthy. 

Examples of press release announcements your technology company might consider include: 

Publishing a press release for the sake of it won’t get you any effective media coverage. What’s more, you could risk damaging your reputation among media outlets. Stick to press release announcements like the above and give your tech company its best shot at coverage. 

Which is the best tech press release distribution service?

There are a number of press release distribution services available, some of which cover multiple industries, while others focus on the technology sector exclusively. When choosing a service, consider the price points and distribution options of each platform. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best options for a tech press release distribution service that your company can access at any time. 

1. Accesswire

Accesswire is a global newswire that serves the biotechnology, clean technology, computing, telecommunications, and cryptocurrency industries, among others. 

This wide market range makes it one of the leading press release distribution services when it comes to targeting reporters and media outlets relevant to the tech industry. In fact, Accesswire boasts a network of over 1,500 press outlets. 

Press release distribution conducted through Accesswire means your news could be shared on AP News, or with reporters at Bloomberg, CNN Business, and MarketWatch. The pricing is: 

  • Online – $159 per feature for online-only distribution
  • Budget – $379 per feature for online-only distribution, including news outlets, TV stations, and online publications
  • National – $695 per feature for larger companies seeking coverage with major news outlets and trading platforms
  • Premium – $995 per feature for high-tier publications such as Business Insider, AP Mobile, or industry-specific publications 

2. Businesswire 

Businesswire is a press release distribution service that covers a number of sectors, one of which is technology. The company is a global leader in distributing press releases, which means its content is reputable and often relied on by major news outlets. 

What’s more, Businesswire takes pride in targeted distribution, ensuring that your press release announcement ends up in front of leading reporters in the tech industry. 

Having said that, their services come with a hefty price tag: 

  • Local – $475 for a 400-word press release
  • Regional – $510 for a 400-word press release
  • National – $940 for a 400-word press release
  • Core – $2,495 for 5 non-earnings releases to any U.S. state, metro, or city circuit
  • Advanced – $3,295 for 5 non-earnings releases to any U.S. regional or corridor circuit
  • Premium – $4,195 for 5 non-earnings releases to the U.S. national circuit 

3. PR Newswire 

PR Newswire, operated by Cision, is another example of a global press release distribution service that can connect your company to the right reporters. Other tech companies that use PR Newswire include industry giants like LinkedIn and Sony. 

PR Newswire’s services mean that your press releases could be seen by 200,000+ reporters around the world. What’s more, services are offered in 40 languages across 170 countries. 

The pricing tier for PR Newswire is:

  • Local – $350
  • Regional – $575
  • National – $805
  • Global – $1,200 (U.S. and Canada), $3,500 (Europe or Asia), or $8,700 (Global)

4. Newswire 

Not to be mistaken for Cision services, Newswire is another press release distribution solution that can help your company target niche markets and secure the best coverage. 

The platform identifies itself as “best in class” for science, process, and technology, and offers distribution across 8,000+ relevant media sites. Prices vary depending on the size of your campaign and whether you want to distribute nationally or internationally.

  • Newswire Digital – $349
  • Newswire Digital Plus – $599
  • Newswire State – $699
  • Newswire National – $899
  • Newswire Global – $1,999 

5. EIN Presswire 

EIN Presswire (Everyone’s Internet News) prides itself on helping small businesses gain media attention through press release distribution. 

Their available channels include Google, CBS, Yahoo!, and NBC, as well as hundreds of other reputable platforms, as well as social media. What’s more, EIN Presswire has one of the most appealing price tags, helpful for entrepreneurs and startups.

  • Basic – $99.95
  • Pro+ – $399
  • Corporate – $999

What are alternative methods for press release distribution?

While press release distribution services are certainly useful, they tend to syndicate with platforms they have agreements with. This means some publications relevant to your industry may not see your press release. 

So, there’s actually a lot of value in doing things yourself. 

A press release distribution service is just one way to send out your tech press release. You can also build your own list of targeted editors and reporters at the publications you know you want to get your press release published in. Then, you can email those contacts directly.

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