How to Write a Press Release for a New Mobile App 

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By Intelligent Relations Team

Building a mobile app requires lots of hard work and dedication. But, a successful app launch is only half the battle. While we realize most developers would rather spend time perfecting their technology, marketing your app is just as important. 

Just like when launching a new website, submitting a press release to announce a mobile app launch is a straightforward and accessible way to make a huge difference in the launch’s impact.

Not only can it raise awareness for your new release, but it can also drive users to download, potentially boosting revenue. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide with all of our PR expertise on app press releases for a mobile app launch, which will also address the following: 

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Why should you issue a press release for a mobile app launch? 

A press release is a way to communicate industry news with media outlets, and one of the most popular ways to get coverage. Typically a single-page document distributed to media networks and online, it’s a great way to pitch reporters to cover an article about your new app. 

What’s great about press releases is that they’re a common PR strategy many journalists rely on as a resource—73% of reporters search for press releases online. 

Not just a way to communicate with media outlets and publications, a press release can also boost search engine rankings for your company and earn more organic website traffic. Clearly, these are huge benefits to tap into when launching a mobile app. 

Critical to remember is that an app press release must center on a newsworthy announcement. The launch of an app fits that description, so let’s take a look at how to get started. 

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How do you make a new app press release compelling? 

At the foundation of any compelling press release is the relaying of the most important information as early as possible. Business leaders drafting a first-time press release can do this by addressing the “5 W’s.”

The 5 W'[s are the questions of who, what, when, where, and why. By answering these right away, you’re providing readers with all the most important details.

Even before your first draft, have the answers to these questions in mind to help you focus. The 5 W’s can inspire you when it comes to working out a catchy headline, as well as with the structure of the press release overall.  

  • Who: Specify who the press release is about. In this case, are you an independent app developer or do you work for a company? 
  • What: Explain the mobile app, and its release, and provide a few details about the app. 
  • When: State the app’s release date.
  • Where: Specify the app’s availability in a specific store or for a specific OS.
  • Why: Justify what makes your app launch important and why it should be reported on. 

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How To Write a Press Release for an App

Writing a press release doesn’t have to be hard. It’s just one page! That being said, there is a specific framework that all press releases follow, and sticking to that standard format is highly recommended. This is what media contacts will be on the lookout for.

Writing Your New App Press Release

Press releases get distributed every day, which is why it’s important to make sure you get your basics right. Make sure your copy stands out by keeping these writing tips in mind: 

  • Write it like a news article. A press release should be approached in the same manner as a journalist writing an article. It needs to be researched, truthful, and independent. 
  • Write it in the third person. This is standard when it comes to press releases. The only exception to this is in regard to a press release quote.
  • Keep it short. A press release should be no longer than a page. Any longer and you risk losing a reader’s interest. Cut it down where possible. 
  • Keep the prose neutral and free of hyperbole. No doubt your app is a “game changer” but every developer thinks the same. Avoid phrases that don’t provide real meaning. 
  • Think carefully about the audience. What outlets do the journalists you’re pitching to work for and who are the readers of that publication? Adjust your language for both.

As a suggestion, we’d also say it’s a good idea to read about mobile app launches in popular media outlets to familiarize yourself with this particular style and tone. 

Creating an App Press Release “Hook”

An important element to keep in mind when planning your press release is your hook, which is essentially the component of the press release that will captivate the reader. This could be something topical, for example, if an app offers a solution to a pressing social issue. 

Regardless of what the hook is, reporters will want to see it. A timely and trending hook will give you a better chance of your press release getting picked up. 

Formatting Your New App Press Release

A press release is between 400 and 600 words and laid out like a news report, starting with an intriguing headline and a brief introduction. It also needs to answer the 5 Ws in the opening.

The information in the press release should be structured according to the “inverted pyramid.” What that means is, all the important information is front-loaded at the beginning of the press release, and less relevant information appears further down. Here’s the basic outline:

  • Title: The specifics of your app launch in as few words as possible. Short and engaging. 
  • First paragraph: Lead with the 5 Ws to provide journalists and readers with all the relevant information from the get-go. 
  • Second and third paragraph: Provide readers with details about the app (for example, who the app caters to and background information about other products). 
  • Fourth paragraph: Usually a quote from someone involved with development. 
  • Fifth paragraph: Final relevant information to conclude. 
  • Boilerplate: A boilerplate describes who you or your company is. A useful tip here is to copy-paste this from an “About” page of your website. 
  • Contact info: Provide the name and email address of the person who will handle any press queries. Sharing a phone number is optional. 

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Mobile App Launch Press Release Examples

There are a lot of mobile app press releases available across a number of newswires to choose from, but we found a few examples we think checked the boxes and included them below. 

EPSG Launches Mobile Application Platform for iOS and Android

This press release title from EPSG, a payment technology company, gets to the point. The title itself answers three of the 5 W’s right off the bat.

Introducing Samsung Wallet: An Easy-To-Use App To Store What You Want To Keep Most Secure

This recent press release from Samsung is a good example of a company sharing its press release on its website (note that it’s still written in the third person).

Raise Launches New Mobile Wallet App

Here’s a final example of a mobile app press release that includes a bullet-point section highlighting the app’s features.

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How do you send out a new app press release?

Your press release might be finished, but now you need to distribute it. Luckily, there are really only two basic options to choose from, neither one is right or wrong.

Press Release Distribution Services

Also known as a newswire, these platforms host and share your app press release with a database of contacts for a fee. This method also requires little effort, so you save time and energy.

Many newswires also have syndication agreements with sites like Yahoo! News and AP News, so you’re guaranteed at least some media mentions. 

However, you do need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks. Newswires can become costly, and you don’t have much control over the press release narrative once it’s sent out. 

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Press Release Pitch Via Email

You might not realize this, but you can also do distribution and outreach yourself. In fact, many journalists actually prefer being pitched personally by press release issuers. 

What you need to do is locate and compile your own list of media contact details so you can send an email pitch with your app press release. Though it seems like a lot of work on your part, it also cuts costs and lets you forge working relationships with contacts yourself. 

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Key Takeaways

An app press release is a valuable tool for app developers.

A simple PR strategy that can boost brand awareness, establish a customer base, and generate profit.

With these guidelines, you’re well on your way to mastering the app press release process.

Don’t want to spend the time and energy it takes to write your own mobile app press release? Leave it to us! Simply book a free consultation with us and we will do the rest.