The Best Distribution Methods for Nonprofit Press Releases

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By Intelligent Relations Team

Press release distribution services can provide a wealth of benefits for your nonprofit organization. By sharing news with the right outlets, increased exposure and media coverage can almost be guaranteed. This way, you can focus on more important things.

In fact, knowing how to utilize press release distribution services, and understanding other ways to connect with editors and reporters is actually vital to help your nonprofit grow. 

In this guide, we’ll share everything you need to know about distribution services, including: 

  • What a press release distribution service is
  • When your nonprofit should issue a press release
  • The best press release distribution services for nonprofits 
  • Other methods of distributing press releases for nonprofits

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What is a press release distribution service for nonprofits?

A press release distribution service typically shares press releases regarding organizational news with a targeted database of reporters, editors, and news agencies. 

Press release distribution services will charge users a fee to share a press release, often via newsfeed and sent out to specific reporters in email notifications. 

What this means is, important news about your nonprofit can be instantly accessed by multiple media outlets. It can lead to media coverage and can encourage increased brand recognition. Reporters might even approach you if they want to know more or arrange an interview. 

Most distribution services have syndication agreements with platforms like Yahoo! or AP News, so it’s likely that your press release will be published in at least a few outlets. 

When should you issue a press release for your nonprofit? 

Nonprofits should consider distributing a press release when they have a newsworthy announcement to make. Here’s what might make a quality press release: 

  • Recent Fundraising Events
  • Upcoming Campaign Launches 
  • Community Impact
  • Growth Announcements
  • New Collaborations
  • New Influential Team Members

It’s important to remember that you should never issue a press release for the sake of it. Provide value with any press release, or else you risk outlets losing interest and ignoring future press releases altogether. 

What is the best distribution service for nonprofits?

There are a number of press release distribution services available for your nonprofit. Some platforms cater to specific industries while others cover news in multiple markets. 

1. Cision

PR Newswire by Cision is a hugely popular distribution platform used by major organizations around the world. 

Headquartered in Chicago, Cision has offices in many U.S. states, as well as overseas operations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Due to its popular reputation, services are used by numerous global media outlets.

While Cision doesn’t cater specifically to nonprofits, their general scope means that your press release might be shared with reporters you’d never thought to contact. As a result, it can unlock new avenues for media exposure.

Cision’s pricing for distribution for a 400-word press release are:  

  • Local – $350
  • Regional – $575
  • National – $805
  • Global – $1,200 (U.S. and Canada), $3,500 (Europe or Asia), $8,700 (Global) 

2. GlobeNewswire 

GlobeNewswire is another press release distribution service that can instantly share your nonprofit news with a huge database of reporters and news agencies. Headquartered in Los Angeles, they also serve a global client base. 

Press releases shared through GlobeNewswire can be seen across 130 countries and they even offer translation services to help share your press release in 35 different languages. Clients can also share visuals like infographics and videos within the press release. 

Nonprofits that have already been featured by GlobeNewswire include the First Responders Children’s Foundation, Greater Good Charities, and the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA). 

Prices for distribution with GlobeNewswire are: 

  • DIY option – $150
  • National publishing – $560

3. Newswire 

Similarly to Cision and GlobeNewswire, Newswire offers press release distribution that allows your nonprofit to target reporters and news agencies locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Clients that have used Newswire to share updates have been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, and CNBC, just to name a few. Newswire also offers analytics as well as media monitoring so clients can track how well press releases are performing. 

Newswire has several pricing plans available, depending on the type of exposure you want your nonprofit to achieve. For a single press release, pricing is: 

  • Newswire Digital – $349
  • Newswire Digital Plus – $599
  • Newswire State – $699
  • Newswire National – $899
  • Newswire Global – $1,999

4. EIN Presswire

EIN Presswire stands for “Everyone’s Internet News Presswire” and is one of the more affordable options that nonprofits might want to consider.

With thousands of press releases shared from a number of different industries within its database, EIN also targets distribution to specific sectors depending on what your nonprofit covers. 

The EIN Presswire pricing tiers are: 

  • Basic – $99.95
  • Pro+ – $399
  • Corporate – $999 

5. Business Wire 

Do not be deterred by its name, because Business Wire actually offers press release distribution that covers more than 200 different industries. 

With that in mind, nonprofits could consider using this platform when trying to connect with donors, investors, or other influential individuals. 

For a 400-word press release, Business Wire pricing is: 

  • Local – $475 
  • Regional – $510 
  • National – $940

And the following for 5 non-earning releases depending on distribution zone:

  • Core – $2,495 to any U.S. state, metro, or city circuit
  • Advanced – $3,295 to any U.S. regional or corridor circuit
  • Premium – $4,195 to the U.S. national circuit 

What are some other press release distribution methods?

Press release distribution services are a great way to gain media exposure without too much work. However, we’re aware that some nonprofits might be put off by the price tags. Luckily, there’s another way you can consider distributing a press release about your nonprofit. 

You can do it on your own.

Build a list of targeted editors and reporters at publications where you want to get your press release published, and simply email them directly. 

This method can sometimes prove to be more effective than a distribution service because you have a personal correspondence with those media contacts. What’s more, this method allows you to be more focused while reducing costs by not using a newswire. 

Since this DIY process has historically proven to be quite time-consuming, there are other options still. Technology is now available that can help your nonprofit create a press release and send it out to relevant reporters with nothing more than the click of a button. 

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