30 Best Science Journalists and Writers List for 2024

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By Intelligent Relations Team

Science helps us define and understand the world, and new discoveries are being made every day. 

But communicating the importance of a new discovery and explaining it in an easy way is a daunting task. That’s why an established science writer can make all the difference for a PR campaign in the science world.

The field of science writing has PR opportunities for everyone, regardless of industry, as science touches many crucial aspects of the world around us. 

From technology, to health, to microscopic beings, almost no topic is off limits when it comes to PR campaign science topics.

So, look no further for a comprehensive list of science journalists, editors, and writers from around the world!

Our list includes some of the most recognizable names in the field who all have a proven ability to communicate complex topics in a comprehensible way to a wide audience. 

Most have won multiple awards and have a deep network of science industry connections.

Our list of science journalists are respected voices in the industry who can help you stay on top of trends and news in the world of science. 

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Our Top 3 Trends in Science Journalism for 2024

Choosing topics for a PR campaign isn’t easy. We’ve put together a shortlist of the top 3 science topics for 2024. These are trending topics in the field of science that are seeing a lot of action in the news. 

Space Exploration 

With the rapid development of space technology and the privatization of space travel, space exploration is a frequently covered subject for most of the science journalists on this list. 

Plus, with the development of the James Webb Space Telescope, world-changing discoveries are being made all the time. 

From discovering new planets to looking back in time through distant stars, space exploration is one of the most exciting and fascinating topics in the industry right now. 

Plus, space exploration involves multiple industries. From aviation technology to the politics of privatized corporate space exploration, this topic will continue to be a popular subject for the foreseeable future.

Artificial Intelligence

Another exciting, and perhaps unsettling, new development is the advancement of artificial intelligence. New AI tech is coming out every day and revolutionizing the world around us. 

This technology can write, design, create, and learn on its own. From being able to create photo-realistic headshots to conversing like a human, the potential of AI seems limitless. 

Plus, AI tools are affecting every industry. There’s also almost no governmental restrictions on the technology. And with so many unanswered questions, AI will continue to be a trending topic.

Climate Change 

Between extreme droughts and other intensifying natural disasters, it’s undeniable that our planet is going through a massive environmental shift. 

Because of these life-threatening changes, we as humans are having to find new ways to adapt.

From surviving natural disasters to creating new sustainable food sources, the science world is desperately trying to create adaptations to survive. 

Climate change also touches many different industries. Agriculture, technology, and energy all drive the climate change conversations right now. 

This will continue to be a trending topic for the science community and is a topic that nearly every science journalist on our list has covered.

Our Curated List of Science Journalists for 2024

Zahra Hirji (@Zhirji28) Zahra Hirji is a prominent journalist who has made a name for herself in the field of environmental reporting. She is currently writing for Bloomberg News where she is a climate reporter covering greener living topics.

Previously, she worked as a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News, covering climate change and environmental issues. 

Topics covered by Zahra Hirji include: 

  • Climate Change
  • Energy
  • Science
  • Politics
  • Social Justice

Her work focuses on the intersection of climate change and other topics.

Prior to joining Bloomberg News, Hirji worked as a reporter for InsideClimate News, where she won numerous awards for her reporting on climate change, including the George Polk Award for National Reporting. She was also a Pulitzer Prize finalist. 

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Zahra Hirji twitter  profile screenshot

Laura Helmuth (@laurahelmuth) Laura Helmuth is a well-established science journalist and is currently the editor-in-chief of Scientific American, a leading popular science magazine. 

With more than two decades of experience in journalism, she has established herself as a distinguished voice in the field of science communication. 

Throughout her career, Helmuth has been an advocate for evidence-based reporting and has worked tirelessly to promote the public understanding of science. 

Topics covered by Laura Helmuth include: 

  • Climate Change
  • Public Health 
  • Environmental Issues
  • Science and Research
  • Politics

Before joining Scientific American, Helmuth worked as the Health, Science, and Environment Editor at The Washington Post, where she oversaw the coverage of topics such as climate change, biotechnology, and medicine. 

She has also worked for a variety of other publications including Slate, National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, Science Magazine, and Science News.

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Yasmin Tayag (@yeahyeahyasmin) Yasmin Tayag is a well known science journalist and communicator who is currently a staff writer at The Atlantic

She is known for her engaging and informative writing style, which combines scientific rigor with a fresh and accessible approach. She is particularly interested in exploring the intersection of science and society, and in bringing scientific concepts and discoveries to a wider audience.

Topics covered by Yasmin Tayag include: 

  • Science
  • Future of Food
  • Culture
  • Neuroscience
  • Health (Covid)
  • Psychology
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Policy

She has a degree in biology and English literature from the University of Toronto. She also graduated with a Masters in biology from New York University.

She’s written for a range of publications, including The New York Times, The Guardian, Vox, and The New Yorker. You can check out her personal website for more information on her writing and appearances.

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Josh Fischman (@jfischman) Josh Fischman is a popular scientific reporter and editor. He is a senior editor at Scientific American

Fischman has been a prominent figure at the magazine for over two decades, and his contributions to the field have been recognized with a number of awards.

He’s also the co-host of the Your Health Quickly podcast for Scientific American.

Topics covered by Josh Fischman include: 

  • Health
  • Science
  • Medicine
  • Biology
  • Policy
  • Social Injustice
  • Environmental Issues

Fischman’s work is characterized by a dedication to accuracy and a commitment to bringing complex scientific concepts to a wider audience. Through his writing, he has helped to shape the way that people view and understand the world around them.

He has also written for Science, U.S. News & World Report, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Discover, among others. 

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William J. Broad (@WilliamJBroad) William J. Broad is a renowned science journalist and author who has been contributing to The New York Times since 1983. His current title is a senior writer at The New York Times.

He has won numerous awards for his exceptional work in the field of science journalism, including two Pulitzer Prizes shared with his colleagues. Broad is known for his extensive coverage of topics such as nuclear weapons, space exploration, and the human brain. 

Topics covered by William J. Broad include: 

  • Scientific Research
  • Space Exploration
  • Biology 
  • Neuroscience
  • Nuclear Weapons
  • Health

Broad’s contributions to science journalism have been invaluable in informing the public about the latest scientific breakthroughs and the implications of scientific research for society.

He has mainly been published in The New York Times, but he also has eight book titles of his own. Broad’s work has been quoted and used in many notable publications and productions, including a documentary called Bioterror, which won an Emmy Award.

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Victoria Jaggard (@vmjaggard99) Victoria Jaggard is an award-winning science journalist with extensive experience covering a wide range of scientific topics. Her current title is the deputy health and science editor for The Washington Post.

She is highly respected for her ability to explain complex scientific concepts in an easily understandable way.

Topics covered by Victoria Jaggard include: 

  • Science and Innovation
  • Space Exploration
  • Physics
  • Geology
  • Health

Jaggard has a degree in science writing and journalism from Lehigh University and is an award-winning science writer. 

Other publications that Jaggard has contributed to include Smithsonian, National Geographic, and New Scientist.

Victoria Jaggard twitter profile screenshot

Joel Achenbach (@JoelAchenbach) Joel Achenbach is a prominent science journalist who covers a wide range of topics. He is currently a staff writer for The Washington Post and has been there since 1990. 

Achenbach’s writing style is described as versatile with deft humor. He has also authored several books that range in topics.

Topics covered by Joel Achenbach include: 

  • Politics
  • Space Exploration
  • Climate Change
  • Science
  • Technology
  • War and History
  • Dinosaurs
  • Particle Physics 

He is a 1982 graduate of Princeton University, and he has gone back to teach journalism courses at Princeton and Georgetown University.

Achenbach has also contributed to National Geographic, Slate, and NPR.

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Tanya Basu (@tanyabasu) Tanya Basu is a well-known science journalist who has made a name for herself in the field of science writing. She is currently a senior reporter on humans and technology for MIT Technology Review.

Her articles cover a diverse range of tech topics, from neuroscience to climate change, and she has a talent for breaking down complex research into easy-to-understand pieces. Her work has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades. 

Topics covered by Tanya Basu include: 

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Health and Psychology
  • Policy and Politics

Tanya’s writing is characterized by her ability to connect scientific findings to the real-world issues that affect people’s lives. 

Basu has also contributed to other publications including The Daily Beast, Time Magazine, and The Atlantic

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Stephanie M. Lee (@stephaniemlee) Stephanie M. Lee is a well-established journalist and science writer who covers health, medicine, and biology. 

She is currently a senior reporter at The Chronicle of Higher Education, and has worked at a number of top publications throughout her career.

Lee is known for her investigative reporting on topics such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the opioid crisis, and the misuse of scientific research. She has also covered scientific controversies and breakthroughs in fields such as genetics, neuroscience, and microbiology.

Topics covered by Stephanie M. Lee include: 

  • Research
  • Science
  • Health
  • Medicine
  • Genetics
  • Neuroscience
  • Microbiology

Lee is an award-winning writer whose writing is described as focusing on the intersection of research and society. She’s especially interested in stories about ethics and accountability.

Other publications that Lee contributed to include Buzzfeed News, The Washington Post, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Stephanie M. Lee twitter profile screenshot

Sophie Bushwick (@sophiebushwick) Sophie Bushwick is a science journalist and editor based in New York City. She currently serves as the technology editor for Scientific American.

She has also appeared as a guest on various science-related podcasts and news programs including CBS This Morning and Science Friday.

Topics covered by Sophie Bushwick include: 

  • Space Exploration
  • Technology
  • Climate Change 
  • Physics 

She has also written for other publications such as Popular Science, Discover, and Gizmodo. You can check out her full portfolio and see what she’s up to on her personal website.

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Sophie Bushwick twitter profile screenshot

Tina Hesman Saey (@SN_Saey) Tina Hesman Saey is a renowned science journalist who currently works as a senior writer at Science News

Saey is a geneticist-turned-science writer who covers molecular biology. She was a Fulbright scholar at the Georg-August University in Germany. 

Topics covered by Tina Hesman Saey include: 

  • Science
  • Medicine
  • Technology
  • Immunology
  • Molecular Biology

Saey has won numerous awards for her science writing, including recognition from the National Academies of Science and various journalism organizations.

She has also written for other publications such as Wired, Dallas Morning News, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Tina Hesman Saey twitter profile screenshot

Sage Lazzaro (@SageLazzaro) Sage Lazzaro is a science journalist who covers a wide range of topics related to science and technology. She currently works at Business Insider as the senior tech editor.

She is known for her engaging and informative writing style that makes complex scientific concepts accessible to a broad audience. Through her thorough reporting and wide range of projects, Lazzaro earned herself a spot on Women Who Tech’s list of 100 women in technology.

Topics covered by Sage Lazzaro include: 

  • Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Enterprise Technology
  • Data Privacy 
  • Cybersecurity

Other publications Lazzaro has contributed include VentureBeat, The New York Observer, WIRED, VICE, and Refinery29.

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Sage Lazzaro twitter profile screenshot

Eric Berger (@SciGuySpace) Eric Berger is a science journalist who is well known for his expertise in space and weather. 

He currently holds two major positions in the weather and science writing world as the Senior Space Editor for Ars Technica and the founder and editor of Space City Weather.

Berger has been writing about space and science for over 20 years and has been recognized for his outstanding work with several awards. The Houston Chronicle was named as a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in 2009 for his coverage of Hurricane Ike. 

He has covered numerous space missions and events, including the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket and the landing of NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity. 

Topics covered by Eric Berger include: 

  • Space Exploration
  • Weather
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Aviation

He has a passion for sharing the wonder of space exploration with the world and is a strong advocate for continued investment in space exploration and research.

He has also written for other publications such as The Houston Chronicle and is also a frequent commentator on space-related topics, appearing on television networks such as CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

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Eric Berger twitter profile screenshot

Chris Mooney (@chriscmooney) Chris Mooney is a well-known science journalist who has made significant contributions to the field of science communication. He is currently a reporter for The Washington Post.

Mooney has also won several awards for his science writing including a Pulitzer Prize in 2020.

Topics covered by Chris Mooney include: 

  • Climate Change
  • Science
  • Energy
  • The Environment
  • Politics

Mooney has authored several books, including The Republican War on Science, which examines the intersection of politics and science.

Other publications that Mooney has contributed to include Mother Jones, Slate, Columbia Journalism Review, and The Boston Globe.

Chris Mooney twitter profile screenshot

Liz Hillman (@lizklimas) Liz Hillman is a science journalist who covers a wide range of topics and is currently the editorial co-director at EyeWorld Magazine, the official publication of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

She regularly writes about emerging technologies and how they are changing the world we live in, but can easily cover any topic related to science and technology.

Topics covered by Liz Hillman include: 

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Health 
  • Environment
  • Politics

Liz has over a decade of experience in science journalism. She has written for several well-known publications, including The Blaze where she was the Technology, Science, and Health Editor. 

Her work has also covered topics such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and the ethics of genetic engineering. 

Liz Hillman twitter profile screenshot

Daisy Dunne (@daisydunnesci) Daisy Dunne is a science journalist who covers a wide range of topics and currently serves as the special correspondent at Carbon Brief.

Her work often focuses on the intersection of science and policy, and she has reported on international climate negotiations, energy policy, and the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities.

Topics covered by Daisy Dunne include: 

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change

Dunne holds a Master’s degree in Science Communication from Imperial College London and has previously worked as a researcher at the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

She has written for publications such as The Daily Mail Online and The Independent.

Daisy Dunne twitter profile screenshot

Ed Yong (@edyong209) Ed Yong is a science journalist and staff writer at The Atlantic

He is particularly known for his reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic, because his articles provided clear and concise explanations of complex scientific concepts and developments. 

He won the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for his coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Topics covered by Ed Yong include:

  • Health 
  • Science
  • The Environment
  • Politics
  • Microbiology 

Yong’s writing has been featured in a wide range of the top publications like National Geographic, The New Yorker, and The New York Times. Plus, Young has a personal website where you can read more about his awards and accomplishments.

Ed Yong twitter profile screenshot

Sunya Bhutta (@sunyaaa) Sunya Bhutta is a science journalist who has made a name for herself in the field of science communication. She is currently the chief audience engagement editor for Scientific American.

Her short note style of writing has garnered attention and praise from readers and colleagues alike. With a keen eye for detail and an ability to distill complex scientific concepts into bite-sized pieces, Sunya has become a trusted source for science news and analysis. 

Topics covered by Sunya Bhutta include:

  • Space Exploration
  • Health
  • Science
  • Technology

Through her work, she has helped make science more accessible to a wider audience and has inspired others to pursue careers in science communication. 

She has written or worked for other publications such as Time Out New York, Hudson Valley Magazine, and GEN.

Sunya Bhutta twitter profile screenshot

Lee Billings (@LeeBillings) Lee Billings is a science journalist based in New York City. He is the current Senior Editor for space and physics at Scientific American

Lee has made a name for himself with his insightful and engaging writing about topics such as astronomy, technology, science, and culture.

He has a talent for distilling complex scientific concepts into easily understandable language, making his work accessible to a wide audience. 

Topics covered by Lee Billings include:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Culture
  • History
  • Nature

He has also authored a book titled Five Billion Years of Solitude, which explores the search for life beyond Earth. 

He has written for publications such as Slate, New Scientist, and Popular Mechanics, among many others. 

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Lee Billings twitter profile screenshot

Dave Levitan (@davelevitan) Dave Levitan is a prominent science journalist who has made significant contributions to the field of science communication. He has been published in over 50 mainstream press outlets and covers a wide range of topics relating to science and culture.

Dave is currently the Climate Reporter for The Grid, which is in the process of being purchased by The Messenger. The site remains down, but you can still check out his archived writing until further notice. 

Levitan is also the author of several books, including Not a Scientist: How Politicians Mistake, Misrepresent, and Utterly Mangle Science, which explores the intersection of science and politics. His work has helped to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the general public, making science more approachable and relevant to people’s lives.

Topics covered by Dave Levitan include:

  • Climate Change
  • Energy
  • Medicine
  • Public Health
  • Technology

He holds an undergraduate degree from Haverford College and a Masters in journalism from NYU’s Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program.

He has written for publications such as The Atlantic, WIRED, and The Washington Post.

Dave Levitan twitter profile screenshot

Carl Zimmer (@carlzimmer) Carl Zimmer is a renowned science journalist known for his exceptional reporting on various scientific topics. 

He is currently the writer of the “Matter” column for The New York Times, and is also the author of 14 books and a popular science blog, The Loom. He also writes a newsletter, Friday’s Elk, which he sends out on the first Friday of every month. 

He has written numerous articles and books on subjects ranging from genetics and evolution to neuroscience and microbiology.

Topics covered by Carl Zimmer include:

  • Science 
  • Technology
  • Evolution
  • Genetics
  • Medicine
  • Health

He continues to inspire and educate people with his insightful reporting on the latest scientific discoveries and advancements.

Zimmer’s work can be found in many other mainstream science publications such as National GeographicDiscover, and NPR.

Carl Zimmer twitter profile screenshot

Jeff DelViscio (@Jeffdelviscio) Jeff DelViscio is an established multimedia science journalist known for his insightful reporting. He currently serves as the Chief Multimedia Editor at Scientific American, where he is in charge of videos and podcasts for the publication.

Jeff is extremely talented at multimedia content including audio, video, and photography. He is also a talented drone pilot and animator.

Topics covered by Jeff DelViscio include:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Space Exploration
  • Politics
  • Health
  • Physics

Jeff’s contributions to science journalism have been widely recognized, and he is a sought-after speaker at conferences and events. 

You can also find his work in The New York Times, STAT, and various MIT publications.

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Jeff DelViscio twitter profile screenshot

Mark Fischetti (@markfischetti) Mark Fischetti is a science journalist who has made a name for himself in the field of science reporting. He currently serves as a senior editor at Scientific American, covering all things sustainability.

Fischetti has spent his career delving into the latest scientific research and translating it for the masses with a particular focus on topics related to energy and climate change.

Topics covered by Mark Fischetti include:

  • Sustainability
  • Climate Change
  • Energy
  • Technology
  • The Environment
  • Water
  • Business
  • Science and Research

Fischetti authored several books, including The Dynamic Earth and Earthquakes: Science and Society. He was also the founding managing editor of Family Business Magazine when it was a startup in the 90’s.

His work can also be found in Smithsonian, The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and MIT Technology Review among other publications.

Mark Fischetti twitter profile screenshot

Emily Anthes (@EmilyAnthes) Emily Anthes is an insightful science journalist who writes about human and animal health. She is currently a science reporter for The New York Times.

Anthes has a unique ability to make complex scientific topics accessible to a wide audience. She is also the author of two books, Frankenstein’s Cat: Cuddling Up to Biotech’s Brave New Beasts and The Great Indoors: The Surprising Science of How Buildings Shape Our Behavior, Health, and Happiness.

Topics covered by Emily Anthes include:

  • Health 
  • Animal Health
  • Pandemics
  • Zoonotic Diseases
  • Biology
  • Zoology

Her work has been published in other notable publications like The Atlantic, WIRED, and Slate.

Emily Anthes twitter profile screenshot

Deborah Blum (@deborahblum) Deborah Blum is a Pulitzer-Prize winning science journalist and author. She currently serves as the director of the Knight Science Journalism program at MIT, and is one of the founders of the non-profit science magazine, Undark.

She is the author of several books, including The Poisoner’s Handbook and The Poison Squad, which delve into the history of toxicology and food safety in the United States. 

Topics covered by Deborah Blum include:

  • Forensic Science
  • The Environment
  • Toxicology
  • Research and Ethics
  • Food 
  • Engineering

Her passion for science and writing has inspired many, and her work has helped to bridge the gap between scientists and the general public. You can find out more on Blum’s personal website, including details about her books and events.

More of her work can be found in publications including The New York Times, Scientific American, The Wall Street Journal, and Time, among others.

Deborah Blum twitter profile screenshot

Kate Wong (@katewong) Kate Wong is a science journalist and senior editor at Scientific American, where she writes about evolution and ecology.

Additionally, she serves on the board of directors of the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, an organization dedicated to promoting accurate and accessible science writing.

With over 20 years of experience as a journalist, Wong has written extensively on a wide range of scientific topics, from genetics and evolution to archaeology and anthropology. 

She has a talent for breaking down scientific jargon and presenting information in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. 

Topics covered by Kate Wong include:

  • Scientific History
  • Human Origins
  • Zoology and Marine Life
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Climate Change

Wong has also been recognized for her excellent work in science journalism. She has received numerous awards for her writing, including the Pulitzer Prize for Beat Reporting

Her work can also be found in New Scientist and Discover Magazine.

Kate Wong twitter profile screenshot

Brooke Borel (@brookeborel) Brooke Borel is a science journalist, scientist, and author. She is currently a contributing editor for Popular Science as well as Articles Editor at Undark.

With a keen interest in biology and the environment, Borel has written extensively on various topics such as evolution, genetics, climate change, and sustainability. 

Her writing is not only informative but also thought-provoking, often raising important ethical and social questions related to scientific advancements.

Topics covered by Brooke Borel include:

  • Biotech
  • Agriculture
  • Biology
  • The Environment
  • Climate Change

Borel has also authored two books, Infested: How the Bed Bug Infiltrated Our Bedrooms and Took Over the World and The Chicago Guide to Fact-Checking. Both books have received critical acclaim and have helped establish Borel as a leading voice in science journalism.

Her work can also be found in Buzzfeed News, The Atlantic, and The Guardian.

Brooke Borel twitter profile screenshot

Maggie Koerth (@maggiekb1) Maggie Koerth is a well-known science journalist who is currently a senior reporter for FiveThirtyEight.

She covers a broad range of topics, from climate change and space exploration to the latest advances in technology. Previously, Maggie was the Science Editor at Boing Boing.

Topics covered by Maggie Koerth include:

  • Space Exploration
  • Anthropology
  • Climate Change
  • Science
  • Technology

Koerth is also a sought-after speaker for various science events and conferences. She has written two books on science and technology, which have received critical acclaim.

You can find more articles by Maggie in such science publications as  Live Science, Scientific American, and New York Times Magazine.

Maggie Koerth twitterprofile screenshot

Christie Aschwanden (@cragcrest) Christie Aschwanden is a science journalist who has made significant contributions to the field of science writing.

She was previously a lead science writer at FiveThirtyEight and a health columnist for The Washington Post. She is currently working on her independent publications, as well as co-hosting her podcast Emerging Form, which is about the creative process of writing.

With a background in biology and environmental studies, Aschwanden is an experienced science communicator who is known for her engaging writing style, particularly on the science of sports and recovery.

Topics covered by Christie Aschwanden include:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Biology 
  • Health
  • Performance & Sports Science

She is also the author of Good to Go: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery, which explores the science behind sports recovery and performance.

More of her work can be found in The New York Times, Smithsonian, NPR, and New Scientist

Christie Aschwanden twitter profile screenshot

Madhusree Mukerjee (@Madhusree1984) Madhusree Mukerjee is a renowned science journalist and former physicist who has made significant contributions to the field of science and historical  journalism. 

She is currently a senior editor with Scientific American, covering science and society.

With a deep passion for science and a strong academic background in physics, Madhusree has spent her career writing about  pretty much anything that explores the fraught interaction of humans with our planet. 

Topics covered by Madhusree Mukerjee include:

  • Science
  • Environment
  • Physics
  • Climate Change
  • Indigenous Rights 
  • History 

Mukerjee has also authored several books, including Churchill’s Secret War and The Land of Naked People.

Her work can also be found in Huffington Post, Nature, and Quartz among others.

Final Thoughts

For our list of science journalists, we’ve tried to provide a wide range of writers covering various industry topics – from the intersection of science and culture, to genetics, neuroscience, and paleontology.

These seasoned speakers and writers contribute to a variety of news and media outlets, as well as hosting podcasts and TV Shows. 

If your PR strategy requires placement and connections with seasoned science writers and editors, use this list to connect with your science audience today.

For access to more journalists covering your specific industry, book a free consultation with us. You’ll get access to our AI-powered media database featuring 200K+ journalists and relevant publications.