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A Quick Guide to Press Release Submission Timing

So, you drafted a perfect press release to announce a very newsworthy update for your company or organization, and you’re ready to submit it to media outlets. Well, what are you waiting fo...

How to Write a Rebranding Press Release 

Rebranding a company or organization is never easy. In fact, it can take months, or longer, to create a strategy that you feel confident enough to put into action. When done right, of course...


How to Write a Press Release for a Company Award

So, your company or business has won a major industry award—what a reason to celebrate. However, it’s also an opportunity to share that good news with investors and clients to rally more...


Tips for Writing an Acquisition Press Release

When a company completes an acquisition, it justifies the issue of a press release to inform the media about the news. Both the purchase and gaining control of another company or entity is a...

smartphone apps

How to Write a Press Release for a New Mobile App 

Building a mobile app requires lots of hard work and dedication. But, a successful app launch is only half the battle. While we realize most developers would rather spend time perfecting the...

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