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The Best Free Press Release Distribution Services 

So you’ve written your press release and are ready to share it with a wider audience? Well, if your press release is going to be considered by publications, you need to pitch it to a targe...

fashion bags

The Ultimate Guide to Your Fashion Press Release

Most fashion designers would rather spend their time creating looks than doing public relations. But, after months, or even years, of hard work, don’t you want to make sure your brand or b...


Step-by-Step Guide to the Press Release Boilerplate

If you’re drafting a press release on behalf of your brand or business, the “boilerplate” is a key component that adds color and credibility to the focus of the announcement.  Whi...


Your Guide to Press Release Distribution Services 

Once you’ve written the perfect press release, there are typically only two options to get that announcement to the right media outlets, and hopefully in front of the right audience. One i...


The Must-use Industry Format for Press Releases

Formatting is a factor that can cause your press release to either succeed or fail. Though you might have an extremely newsworthy announcement, if your press release is not put together the ...