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20 Top Film Journalists Roundup [2023 Edition]

Last year, global box office revenue estimates reached $25.9 billion for the film industry. Despite pandemic slumps and the phenomenon of streaming platforms, people still love having the op...

Tech Journalists

19 Top Tech Journalists in 2023 Full List

As we move into 2023, tech writers and journalists are already sharing the top trends in the industry.  The reporters on our list of top tech journalists in 2023 are experts at staying ...

News Outlets in Georgia

Top Georgia Newspapers List [2023 Update]

Georgia is home to historic architecture, coastal beaches, and expansive farmland. Tourists visit the Blue Ridge Mountains and Tybee Island.  Vibrant and busy Atlanta is home to Martin ...

Maine News Outlets

List of Top Maine Newspapers and Outlets [2023 Edition]

This northernmost New England state is known for its natural beauty. Maine boasts an extensive coastline and is home to the picturesque Acadia National Park.  Many tourists flock to Mai...


List of Top Virginia Newspapers [2023 Edition]

As one of the thirteen original colonies, Virginia boasts a rich history. It’s also home to ample natural beauty, including miles of coastline, the Appalachian Mountains, and Chesapeake Ba...

Top Tulsa Newspapers Roundup [2023 Update]

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is known as “the world’s largest small town.” It’s also known for its art deco-style architecture and lively performing arts scene. So, we’ve made sure to cover th...

New Jersey Newspapers

List of New Jersey Newspapers [2023 Update]

Whether you’re vacationing at the Jersey Shore, visiting Atlantic City’s casinos, or taking a ferry to Ellis Island, New Jersey has something for everyone.  The Garden State boasts ...

New York

List of New York Newspapers [2023 Update]

New York State is home to the lively New York City and the beauty of Niagara Falls.  New York City also happens to be the most populous city in the United States. Housing Manhattan—th...

Education Reporters

A List of Top Education Reporters [2023 Edition]

Education has a significant impact on society. What children learn in school and the opportunities they are allowed can affect who they become as adults.  Education journalists and writ...

Entertainment Journalists

Famous Entertainment Journalists Roundup [2023 Edition]

The entertainment industry is one of the most influential in everything from culture and fashion to politics and social justice.  Whether we like it or not, prominent voices in the ente...

seattle landscape

Best Seattle Newspapers List [2023]

Seattle, Washington, has a robust tourism industry. Plus, it’s home to a diverse community of people and boasts the sixth largest LGBTQ+ community in the U.S. Washington State’s larg...

denver train station

The Best Denver Newspapers [2023 Edition]

Whether you’re catching a game at Coors field or taking a hike at Rocky Mountain National Park, you’ll find that Denver, Colorado, provides an eclectic mix of activities for almost a...


Best Environmental Journalists and Trendsetters for 2023

In recent years, the public is focusing more on combating climate change. As more voices join the rallying cry, businesses are finding it imperative to adopt sustainable practices.  As ...

Best Food Writers and Publications

21 Best Food Writers and Publications for 2023

Public relations in the food industry is all about social media. Getting a comment or mention on “Foodstagram” can get a new restaurant or up-and-coming chef the kind of visibility that...

hockey team

33 Best Sports Journalists List [2023 Edition]

Strong media relations are extremely important in sports. Positive PR stories can rally a fanbase, solidify a player’s reputation, and drive marketing and ticket sales.  With that in ...

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